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Calls to Action: Fight for Self-Governance & Conservation
Conserv-ation is as conserv-ative as it is liberal


We are we are weeks away from losing one of the most successful programs to promote wind energy in the U.S., and tens of thousands of the jobs that have come with it.

The Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC), which expires at the end of the year, has been an unequivocal success since it was enacted in 1992. In addition to helping lower the cost of wind energy by 90% and power the equivalent of 12 million homes, the PTC supports 75,000 wind jobs and helps raise $20 billion in private investment in wind energy each year.1

Tell Congress: Renew the Wind Production Tax Credit. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

The PTC is a bipartisan policy originally authored by Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

The potential for wind energy in this country is massive — 20% of all our energy could come from wind by 2030, supporting half a million jobs. But the industry can’t grow without predictable policies. The PTC has been allowed to expire three times since 2000, and each time, new installed wind capacity, and jobs in the wind industry, have plummeted.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets



For all those determined to stop fracking and injection wells from destroying our drinking water, our hunting and fishing environment, and our property values, please see this announcement from the Delaware Riverkeeper Network:

Stop the Frack Attack – Saturday July 28 – Get on the Bus!

 In less than two weeks, thousands of Delaware River watershed residents will stream into Washington D.C. to STOP THE FRACK ATTACK

Please join us on the national stage to speak to decisionmakers in Washington D.C. and to people across the country about the pollution and degradation that gas drilling and fracking is bringing everywhere it goes.  Buses are leaving from three locations here in the Delaware River Watershed—seats are available so get on board!

Stop the Frack Attack is a coalition of over 130 groups from all of the U.S. coming together to speak with one voice at a rally and march at the Capitol.

If you can join us for related events on July 26 and 27, please do. We’ll be lobbying, holding a town meeting, sharing ideas, strategizing about next steps and you are invited to come for all of it.  Free housing can be arranged; click on the schedule link.  July 28 will be a rally on the Capital Lawn from 2:00 to 4:30 pm, followed by a march.  You can see the full schedule here!

DRN has arranged bus transportation to the Rally July 28 from Easton, Philadelphia, and Trenton. We’re working with partner groups to fill these buses and can add more if needed.  There are 3 locations set up:

Please take this day to say loud and clear what we need Washington D.C. to hear—Stop the Frack Attack! Bring your family, friends, neighbors; bring as many people as possible so we make the strongest of statements.  We need you to be part of the first national fracking event, so it can be as big as the issue at hand.  Sign up here to be a part of the crucial turning point for the fracking movement:  Can you join us?

To download a poster or postcard you can share and for more information go to: http://www.delawareriverkeeper.org/about/event.aspx?Id=225


Please take a moment to join us and our allies in calling for a better Farm Bill today.

Click here to tell the House Ag Committee that it’s time for real reform. Comments are due by May 20th to be considered part of the official Committee’s Farm Bill field hearing record.


Tell Congress that you support:

  • The full endorsement of all provisions of the Local Foods, Farms and Jobs Act (H.R. 3286).
  • Fully funding conservation programs, such as the Conservation Stewardship Program, and making sure that enrollment in any new insurance subsidies are tied directly to compliance with conservation programs.
  • The implementation of all provisions of the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Opportunity Act (H.R. 3236).
  • Maintaining the EQIP Organic Initiative.



Please come out to join us at a 6:30 pm press conference before the 7:00 pm “forum” that Senators Mensch and McIlhinney and Reps. Quinn and Clymer are holding to explain why they voted for and continue to support Act 13, the law that guts municipal rights, gags doctors, and removes environmental protections. They will have governmental representatives do the talking, no doubt. We need to ask the tough questions. Please come and bring your neighbors.

Contact:               Tracy Carluccio, Deputy Director, Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Phone: 215-692-2329        or          tracy@delawareriverkeeper.org

What:   Groups will hold a press conference prior to the forum being held April 12 by Senators Mensch (R-24) and McIlhinney (R-10), and Representatives Quinn (R-143) and Clymer (R-145) on Act 13, Pennsylvania’s Shale Law which preempts municipalities’ right to zone natural gas and oil operations and guts municipal controls, gags physicians who treat people exposed to chemicals used by the industry,  and removes environmental safeguards.  Organizations opposed to Act 13 will speak about what Act 13 means to municipalities across the Commonwealth and why they are opposed.

When:                 6:30 pm, April 12, 2012

Where:                 Cafeteria, Palisades High School, 35 Church Hill Road, Kintnersville, Bucks County, PA

Photo OP:           Signs, concerned local residents

Speakers:            Representatives of Nockamixon Township, Delaware Riverkeeper Network,  Clean Water Action, PA Sierra Club, Berks Gas Truth, and others


MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2012: Please send a letter to the FHFA (scroll to the bottom for a sample letter) to oppose their obstruction of PACE programs designed to enable homeowners to have access to weatherization and solar installations on their homes.

(See article on Home page of this blog for more information on the PACE program)

Below is a sample letter to the FHFA that you can cut and paste into an email. The deadline for public comment is TODAY, so if you’re reading this, and it’s still Monday, March 26th, please send the email now:

Email address: RegComments@fhfa.gov

You MUST include this subject line: RIN 2590–AA53,  Mortgage Assets Affected by PACE Programs

To Whom It May Concern:

• FHFA should rescind its opposition to PACE programs that are necessary tools for communities to pursue more sustainable energy use and generation.

• PACE programs help us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, promote clean air, and lower our utility costs over time.  Energy efficiency and rooftop solar installations also improve property values.

• PACE programs are also in the public’s interest because energy efficiency and distributed generation are cheaper than building expensive new power plants and transmission lines that require the destruction of natural resources and cherished wildlands.

• Municipalities have a well-established history of using special assessments similar to PACE to finance community benefits, including improvements to personal property.  FHFA has not challenged these other special assessment programs, nor does it have authority to do so.

• A pilot PACE program in Colorado generated over one hundred jobs and nearly $20 million dollars in economic activity and over one hundred jobs in just one year, according to the Department of Energy.

• Generating local clean energy, boosting our economy, and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is not just in the interest of municipalities.  These are also priorities for our Federal government, and the FHFA’s decision to challenge PACE is inconsistent with these priorities.

Federal agencies are supposed to serve The People of the U.S., not protect the very mortgage lenders who contributed to the housing bubble and helped to crash our economy in the first place, throwing us into the second worst recession in our nation’s history.

Please reconsider your position and support PACE programs.




[Phone #]

[email address]

(All of the categories listed in the signing off of this letter must be included)

Ok, cut and paste into a new email and hit SEND. Thanks for doing your part to support American homeowners in their quest for alternative energy, higher property values and lower utility bills!


MARCH 16 & 17, 2012: Spread the Word About the Anti-Fracking Symposium of the Year!

Anyone who cares about stopping fracking in Pennsylvania and can make it to this should make plans to attend MARCELLUS SHALE EXPOSED, an anti-fracking symposium being held all day on both days this weekend at Northampton Community College3835 Green Pond Road, Bethlehem, PA. This is a terrific line-up of scientists, geologists, economists, filmmakers, educators, attorneys and activists, on the risks of unconventional natural gas drilling to our environment, our drinking water, our health and our economy. Here are directions to the event, and here is the schedule of speakers, films, panels, etc. Please facebook, tweet and digg this post to help spread the word, and bring a friend or two!



Click here to sign the petition, and then please Facebook and Twitter it to all your friends. You can also use the links on the sidebars of this page to contact local, state and federal elected officials, and/or write letters-to-the-editors of various newspapers.

This is outrageous. Monsanto, with the help of the FDA has pushed 27,000 small organic farmers out of business in the last five years, and the #1 cause of death among our small farmers is now suicide. Organic small farmers are being steadily bullied out of business, putting us in danger of having only genetically-modified foods to buy that are coated in pesticides–and in the case of livestock–pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones that we ingest. Not to mention that most Big Ag crops are fertilized with HUMAN SEWAGE SLUDGE that is full of every medicine and pill that people have been popping. We are beset in the last couple of decades will a spike in serious illnesses and death from those illnesses, that have been linked to these practices. This madness must STOP, and it will only stop if each one of us MAKE IT STOP.

Please sign the petition, share the petition through social networking, contact your elected officials, and write letters-to-the-editor of local and major papers. Together WE CAN STOP THIS.





Wikipedia and Reddit have blacked out their sites today, Jan. 18, as a protest of our congress, who are considering passing legislation that was jerry-rigged by lobbyists of Hollywood and the music industry presumably to control online piracy–without ever consulting with the major technology companies in our country as to possible unintended consequences. As one congressman from Utah put it, “we’re trying to direct a surgery without any doctors in the room–we need to bring in the nerds.” These sites are asking that users contact their representatives and senators in congress, to urge them to vote NO on the legislation called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) which would require these companies, among other things, to shut down all transactions with any organization overseas that the government feels might be guilty of pirating material.

Wikipedia is making it easy–just click here and enter your zipcode, to be directed to contact forms for your appropriate representatives and senators. You can also find links to elected officials on the right hand side of this Take Action page.

OCCUPY EASTON: January 6th – ?

Members of Occupy Easton will be meeting in the circle at Centre Square in Easton every weekend starting January 6th to hold signs and protest Wall Street abuses, bank bailouts and the influence of corporate money in our nation’s political system. Make a sign and come on down to the circle, or just stop by and chat with the protesters–they are eager to talk to anyone that is concerned or curious about these issues. We are the 99%!


STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES on the rescheduled (Delaware River Basin Commission) DRBC vote, and PLEASE TAKE EMAIL AND PHONE ACTION BELOW

There will eventually be a vote rescheduled from Nov. 21st by the Delaware River Basin Commission as to whether to approve new regulations to permit the unconventional method of natural gas drilling known as “fracking” that has poisoned drinking water sources across the country, including the state of Pennsylvania to begin along the Delaware River that provides drinking water to over 15 million people in four states–1/5 of our nation’s population. The DRBC is made up of governor’s representatives from NY, PA, NJ and DE, as well as one federal representative from the Army Corps of Engineers. Ultimately, it is President Obama who has the final say, so anti-fracking groups are asking concerned residents to make calls as well to their state representatives, President Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as their state governors.

Fight like hell for the Delaware River Basin! Here’s how:

1. Call the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) and President Obama. They Corps will vote as President Obama, Commander in Chief, tells them to vote, but they also influence that vote — in fact the ACE is actually tallying calls “pro” and “con” fracking in the Delaware River Basin right now. The federal vote on November 21st could be the deciding vote! It must be a NO vote.

Call Colonel Christopher Larsen, Commander of the North Atlantic Division, USACE: 347-370-4501

Call President Obama: 202-456-1111

Please also email Colonel Christopher Larsen, DRBC Chair, Commander North Atlantic Division, Army Corps of Engineers
Email: nad-exec@usace.army.mil

The DRBC (Delaware River Basin Commission) was funded by Congress under U.S. Supreme Court order to “protect and manage” the waters of the Delaware River. Although this watershed provides drinking water to 15.6 million people — 5% of all Americans — including NYC, Philadelphia, Trenton, Camden, and millions of New Jersey residents — the DRBC plans to vote on finalizing draft fracking regulations on Nov. 21.

The Delaware River can and must lead the country away from fracked natural gas. Stopping fracking in the Delaware River watershed is the first step towards leading America towards a truly sustainable energy future and away from insatiably destructive greed.

For more information, contact:

Iris Marie Bloom
Director, Protecting Our Waters protectingourwaters.com
Organizer, Shale Gas Outrage shalegasoutrage.org
Phone: 215.840.6489 ~ Email: protectingourwaters@gmail.com



Please sign our petition to tell your state legislators to oppose selling our state parks off to the highest bidder.

Our state parks are not businesses, they are public assets. State parks have visitors, not customers.  The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is a natural treasure, not an amusement theme park.  If these precious public lands are privatized, they will no longer belong to us, the people of Pennsylvania.  Instead, the biggest private bidder will profit by charging admission to our state’s natural wonders.  Selling state parks has resulted in increased fees, less access to parks and diminished service quality.

Our parks enhance our environment, our quality of life, and our economy2 – returning almost $10 to local economies for every dollar invested by the state, generating over $818 million in local sales, and more than 10,500 local jobs. They are a huge asset, and contribute heavily to the state’s $33 billion tourism economy.3

At a time when we face a huge budget deficit, privatizing our state parks, roads, public education, public transit, prisons and wine and spirit stores is short-sighted, costly and irresponsible.