Street Sweeping to Begin Again April 1st!

street clean garbage sweep

It’s that time of year again! Be sure to read the signs again and dust off your memory with regard to opposite-side-of-the-street parking rules so you don’t get a ticket. Some Eastonians may grumble about having to re-park their cars, but most have come to appreciate the service as a twice-weekly back-up to their daily fight against the tide of litter and improperly packaged garbage that plagues their blocks, especially in the West Ward, where residents do not have the benefit of the Easton Ambassadors to help clean up daily.

Happy Street Sweeping!


2 Responses

  1. Halarious!!! I saw that clean and safe streetsweeper, and wanted a photo of it. I didnt have my phone with me, and I missed out.

    I wonder if 4/1 will be truly clean and truly safe.

  2. I love the photo and must try to get it. Clean and safe…Oxymoron

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