Letty Lies Low, “Happening” in Easton


Roy Lichtenstein, left, and Letty Eisenhauer, right at the Fluxus concert together, in 1964.

Letty Eisenhauer of Martin’s Creek near Easton was recently¬†interviewed by Allistair Sooke for¬†The Telegraph in the U.K., regarding her years as Roy Lichtenstein’s girlfriend. The interview corresponds with the opening of a new retrospective of Lichtenstein’s work at Tate Modern, and it is the first time that Eisenhauer, now in her seventies, has told her story.

Letty was part of the infamous “Happenings” of the New York City art scene in the sixties, and has many good stories to tell, which she has promised to share at a later date. For now, she has been generous enough to share this beautiful photo.