These Kids Will Cheer You!

Check out this video of the new baby goats at Cranberry Creek farms–it’s sure to lift your mood!

Cranberry Creek and other farmers and vendors will be at the Winter Mart this Saturday–that’s Easton’s indoor farmers market, located in the Nurture Nature building at 518 Northampton Street in Easton. Market hours are 10am to 1pm.


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  1. Nurture Nature hosted a seminar on invasive species last Thursday night. Well attended and the four presenters were very knowledgeable.

    Three were agricultural professionals and the fourth a goat farmer from Rhinebeck NY. He uses goats to eat invasives in environments as varied as city parks, airports and even the Fresh Kills land fill in NJ.

    If all goes the way I see it, we may see goats along the Delaware next summer mowing down the Japanese Knot-weed. A natural solution to what is usually dealt with through chemical herbicide application.

    I look forward to it…and its also another tourist attraction for (human) kids…anything to get them out of Crayola and onto the street.


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