ELIZABETH WARREN: One of the Few People in Government that is Really Fighting for You

I am posting this video just in case anyone has forgotten what a BADDASS Elizabeth Warren is. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate that regulations are a security blanket that fixes nothing when regulations are not enforced–in fact our nation’s regulations are most often written by the very industry meant to be regulated, and operated as an escape hatch out of litigation, which is why not one of the Wall Street bankers responsible for crashing our economy has been taken to trial, and why bank after bank has only gotten a slap on the hand in terms of fines that are minuscule compared to the wealth they raked in–and have continued to rake in–with their fraudulent practices.

If there is a God, please make Elizabeth Warren run for President.

She has, for the last several years now, been the only one with the guts and the integrity to take on Wall Street bankers and their pet politicians head-on. She has gone through much grief for it too–being tasked with creating a Department of Consumer Protection and then passed up by President Obama for the job of running it for someone else that senate Republicans found less of a threat. Elizabeth Warren is responsible for the change in your credit card statements, when they went from being four pages of fine-print legalese meant to screw you, to a simple one-page chart that breaks down all your rates and penalties in a way that regular people can understand. She is also pretty much the only person in our government that has been consistently calling for the prosecution of the “Too Big to Fail” bankers on behalf of all the middle-class Americans that got screwed when the housing bubble burst. She was asked to step aside completely, and then ran for Senate in Massachusetts and won. Now she is slogging it out daily with the very men that blocked her nomination.

And she’s still at it. We’ve all got a few years to find a good silk-screener to make ELIZABETH WARREN 2016 T-shirts.