Northeast Could Get 1 – 23 Inches of Snow, 0 – 100 Degrees of Heat, Stillness to 80mph Winds…

Weather forecasts have become entirely ridiculous. At least in the olden days, we could usually count on the weather being the opposite of whatever the weatherman said on TV. Now they  play it so safe that they give us ballpark figures that could include almost anything! The greater Boston and New York areas (which includes Easton, PA) are currently being forecast to get anywhere from 1″ – 23″+ of snow in this latest could-be-historic winter storm.

Just get the salt ready, and prepare to see random chairs all over Easton, claiming shoveled-out parking spaces. It’s against the law, but it’s one of those laws that tends to give way to the unspoken law of The People, which is, “If I spent an hour shoveling my car out of this space, I’m parking in it when I get home.”

Take the poll! Do you think that residents should be allowed to “hold” parking spaces after shoveling them out in a storm?

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2 Responses

  1. I said voted yes in the poll, but with a caveat….If I’m at work, I shouldn’t leave a chair in my space for eight hours plus so that no one can park in my spot all day. BUT, neighbors should respect other folks’ spaces. The best blocks are those where neighbors help shovel each other out. Even without snow, in our block we try to respect each other’s spaces as much as possible and avoid hogging up spaces in front of each other’s homes.

    • Good point, Mrs. T–there does seem to be a secondary code on some friendly blocks, where neighbors are okay parking in someone else’s shoveled-out space during the day, but avoid doing so after 5pm, so the home owners who are working can park in front of their houses when they get home…this has a lot to do with neighbors knowing each other.

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