School of Rock Rock’s Tommy

According to Tomias Hinchcliff of Genesis Bicycles, grandson Galen has been playing drums for half of his almost 14 years.  For the past several years he has been a student at School of Rock in Easton. Last Friday

The Cost of Health Care and the National Debt

Here are some good visuals and an accompanying article by Ezra Klein to aid public discussion of our health care system and how it compares in terms of spending to health care systems in other countries. But I disagree …

Restaurant Week Ends with the Chocolate Lovers’ Soirée!

Chocolate Soiree

For lovers of everything chocolate, the infamous annual Chocolate Lovers’ Soirée is this weekend in Easton, capping off Easton’s “Feastin’ in Easton” Restaurant Week. Check out the details for the soirée (including raffle prizes) here at the Eat, Drink, …

On Inauguration Day, A Tribute to Martin Luther King by Nina Simone

Why? (The King of Love is Dead) from Nina Simone on Vimeo.

As throngs of supporters descend on our nation’s capital today for the inauguration of re-elected President Barak Obama, let’s also remember that today is the birthday of …

President Nears Keystone XL Pipeline Decision with Clear Conflict of Interest in Administration

There are a few points to keep an eye on as the decision by the president on whether or not to allow Keystone XL to build its proposed pipeline to transport tar sands fuel from Canada, North to South …

Share and Repair this Sunday at Mercantile!

A message from the Men of Mercantile:

Sunday, January 20th, 2 – 4pm

It’s that time of year! We are getting together this Sunday for stitching and socializing.

We’ll provide the needles, thread, buttons, and guidance…you bring things from home …

Government Debating Whether They Can Avoid National Debt Ceiling by Minting a New $1 Trillion Coin

In the video above, Jon Stewart gives economist, Paul Krugman, the smack down on his idea (and yes, this is real) to avoid the impending crash of the U.S.’s $16 trillion debt ceiling, by having the U.S. Treasury mint a …

EPA Bows to Gas Drillers in TX, As NY and PA Prepare to Lift Bans on Fracking

Photo by Alexander Zam

Our two-party political system is a political theatre designed to keep American citizens fighting each other (divide and conquer) so they cannot come together and have the strength in numbers needed to take our government …

Strong Towns Event TONIGHT at Lafayette College

Below is a message from Dennis Lieb of the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership regarding a special presentation tonight at Lafayette, by Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns on community investment and development:

Hello Everyone,

The following is just a reminder for …

Citizens Stepping Up to Run for District Judge Gay Elwell’s Office

Gay Elwell

Rudy Miller reports for the Express-Times that three Easton residents so far are throwing their hats into the ring to run for the district judge’s position vacated by Gay Elwell, who died unexpectedly of natural causes at the