Artist Gregory Rose Returns to Easton for Exhibit at Suddenly Samantha’s

One piece from a series of photography as painting by Gregory Rose

Anyone into the arts scene in Easton knows that the quarterly art openings at Suddenly Samantha’s salon are some of the best art events in town. December’s exhibit will feature Artist Gregory Rose, who grew up in Easton and graduated from EAHS in 1994. He eventually relocated to Minneapolis, MN in 2001 to pursue his career as a visual artist and has lived and made art there since. As part of a new effort to build relationships between contacts in Minneapolis and the Lehigh Valley, Rose will return to Easton and be featured in an exhibit by Jessica Jones at Suddenly Samantha’s in downtown Easton on December 8th (click Suddenly Samantha’s ad on this blog’s home page for more info).

One of Rose’s images from a series of wall studies is pictured above. Rose says of his work on his website:

“I am known namely as an educator and a painter. Yet, due to technology and the speed in which we all gather and obtain information, I felt that the discourse and the methods of painting needed to be pushed- further. I am presenting photographs as Paintings. These images serve as a place for me to push the ideas behind both realism and abstraction. The photos are a form of “Realist Portraiture” of walls in my neighborhood in North Minneapolis . I am documenting walls and the marks made on these walls. Namely the struggle over territory visually displayed on public and private areas. This language is both authoritative, public, private, and rebellious- combative, confrontational- beautiful all at the same time. Since my paintings are mostly self portraits of visual landscapes and social interactions via abstraction and the urban environment, I felt the compulsion to reinvent this idea. Therefore, photography became painting, the academic went back to the “streets” and the painter fell in love with photography.”