Damage Photos from Hurricane Sandy in Easton, PA

One of two garage doors ripped off hinges by the wind on Poplar Street, between Wood Ave. and Spring Garden (900 block).

Special thanks to Dennis Lieb for walking around town yesterday and submitting these photos and notes on damage …

Easton Mayor Sal Panto Declares Curfew Due to Hurricane

Mayor Sal Panto of Easton announced several initiatives this morning to address the pending arrival of hurricane Sandy. These include:

  1. The Mayor has declared a State of Emergency for the city through Tuesday at midnight and has issued an Executive

Easton Area School District Closed in Anticipation of Hurricane Sandy

Check out the NOAA weather service website for hazardous weather warnings for the Easton area regarding Hurricane Sandy, which is due to hit the East Coast tonight. The storm is predicted to last through Tuesday night, with heavy rains …

Still Think You Have a Choice This Election? Romney Auto Bailout for Personal Profit–Thanks to the Obama Administration


Great story on Democracy Now! this week, but strangely deficient in follow-up.

This segment features a writer named Greg Palast who is working on a documentary about how Mitt and Anne Romney are silent partners in Delphi Corporation, which

Third Party Candidates and the Illusion of Political Choice Between Obama and Romney

I can’t put it any better than Glenn Greenwald, writing for The Guardian in this article: The U.S. Presidential Debates’ Illusion of Policital Choice. These campaigns and their associated “debates” are a theater, put on for American voters, to …

Guest Post: Dennis Lieb on Lafayette College, Exxon Mobile, Fracking, Political Puppetry and the Loss of Critical Thinking in America


[For anyone who is not well-versed on the dangers of fracking for natural gas, as a preface to this guest post, I am posting links to two pages: the first is the search page for previous posts on

Haunted Easton Masquerade Ball TONIGHT

Of all the places I’ve ever lived, I’ve never lived in a place that loves to dress up for Halloween as much as Easton, PA. Check out all of events being put on this month by Haunted Easton–including the

Fracking: The Most Irresponsible Thing Lafayette College Has Done in a Long Time

Photo by: Alexander Zam www.shutterstock.com

It was to my horror that I read Peter Panepinto’s article in the Express-Times this morning, which reports that Lafayette College held a lecture event last night for the public, allowing the President of Exxon …

Scarecrow Fest in Easton This Saturday!

I love it every October when Easton’s Centre Square fills up with uniquely decorated scarecrows for Easton’s annual Scarecrow Fest! It’s creepy and fun, and in a weird way, beautiful. Click here to see the entire schedule of events for …

And the Cycle Continues: Easton Sends 8 New Drug Dealers to an Overcrowded Jail–What’s the Point?

Cocaine drug bust police crime

Sara K. Satullo reports for the Express-Times that there was another drug bust on Ferry Street last night–this time at 613 Ferry, which is just a block from the county jail.

While Easton’s police officers are working hard and doing …