A Hawk with a Heart: Doug Hawk’s Eleven Alive is On Line!

Doug Hawk Eleven Alive 11/11/11 jazz recording Black & Blue

Cover art for Eleven Alive by Matt Dixon; layout by Leo Vasquez

On 11/11/11, The Doug Hawk Proposition held a standing-room-only live recording party for their latest album, hosted by Easton’s Black & Blue. The album, Eleven Alive, …

Fox in the Hen House: President Appoints Monsanto Lobbyist to Head FDA


Farm agriculture organic local produce

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This is outrageous–as if I wasn’t already upset enough with President Obama (whom I voted …

“Finally Here”: The Roaring FT Video

YouTube Preview Image

The positivity is infectious……

“American Beauty” in the West Ward?

YouTube Preview Image

Ed Sieger reports for the Express-Times that the City of Easton, together with the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership (WWNP), and the help of local residents, have begun to make incremental progress on the chronic problem of improperly-packaged garbage in the …

400 Arrested in Occupy Oakland Protest as Occupy Movement Grows Nationwide

An estimated 2,000 citizens in Oakland, California took to the streets yesterday, with the intent of seizing an abandoned building to use as a community center where they could base their operations and feed the homeless, after their encampment was …

The Real Economics of Fracking: February 2nd

Fracking "natural gas" energy economics

Berks Gas Truth is sponsoring a speaking event on February 2nd in Kutztown, featuring Deborah Rogers, founder of the Energy Policy Forum–a former financial analyst turned artisanal cheese maker from Texas, who engaged in the fight against fracking when natural …

Easton’s Chocolate Lovers’ Soirée is This Saturday at Bank Street Annex

Chocolate Soiree

The chocolate birthday cake with raspberry icing that my friend Camille made from scratch for me last weekend will not be on the menu, but many other scrumptious chocolate-y delights will!

It’s that time of year again–time for The Chocolate …

School Board Meetings Moved to Tuesdays and A Digest of the Latest from the EASD

Easton school EASD education There is so much going on with the new school board and the Easton Area School District that I’m going to provide the highlights here, in a digest:

1. HEAR YE, HEAR YE! School board meeting dates have been MOVED

Rocking Easton’s Youth “Old-School” Style

"School of Rock" education music performance

Ray and Susan Thierrin in front of School of Rock - Easton, on Bank Street

Ray and Susan Thierrin were ordinary parents with a blasé teenager, trying to think of something that would spark him. Their son, Travis, was a …

Pennsylvania Mourns the Passing of Joe Paterno, Amid LIngering Controversy

Football sexual molestation scandal coach Corbett Paterno

Photo by: Richard Paul Kane www.shutterstock.com

Joe Paterno, beloved head football coach for Penn State University for 46 years, died Sunday of lung cancer. Mourners have been filing around his coffin on campus for two days now, paying their respects …